Teeth whitening

About whitening

Tooth whitening is becoming an increasingly popular and inexpensive way to brighten your smile and look our best. The procedure is very popular with patients who have an important event coming up, such as their wedding or a milestone birthday and will last well beyond with our simple home top up system, and the range of treatment options have enabled dentists to provide solutions for patients either within the practice or for use at home.

We are able to help our patients by teaching them how to use a take-home tooth whitening system. Once we have created custom made trays, which fit into the mouth like a mouth guard, we will supply you with the whitening gel. Our dental team will explain to you how and when to use the tooth whitening gel, to help you to achieve your desired colour.

If you are interested in tooth whitening treatments, please refer to the dental team on 0121 475 3545 to find out more.

Emily offers free no obligation consultations for all, you don’t even have to be registered to the practice to take advantage of this offer.

Teeth come in many different shades. Have you recently looked at your teeth and seen a shade or stain that you would like to change?

There are 3 types of discolouration/stain that we see:

Extrinsic Stain

This is staining of the enamel, the hard outer surface of your teeth. Everything we eat or drink comes into contact with our teeth and over time the pigments from these can stain this outer covering.

Commonly coffee, tea (including fruit, green tea), red wine, coke cola, red sauces, curry, berries, smoking (tobacco smoked & chewed) all cause extrinsic staining.

These are the easiest stains for us to remove. 1 or 2 sessions with our Hygienist for scaling, polishing and /or Airflow treatment will remove these stains immediately improving the appearance of your smile.

Intrinsic Stain

Intrinsic stains refer to staining of the dentine, the layer that lies just below your enamel. This layer is naturally a yellower or darker in colour, which can then be seen if the enamel wears away. Antibiotics given in childhood or physical trauma to the teeth can affect the colour of the dentine.

Age Related Discolouration

Many changes happen throughout your body as you get older and teeth are no exception. The dentine can get darker and the enamel can get thinner. Together these can give teeth a darker appearance.

Fortunately we can improve intrinsic stain & age related discolouration with professional whitening from our Therapist or your Dentist can camouflage the discolouration with tooth coloured resin, veneers or crowns.

Ring us for a consultation or speak to one of our receptionists to see which one of our Dental Care Professionals can brighten your smile this year.