Mini Smile Makeovers

Have you always wanted straighter, brighter and more even teeth but don't want orthodontic treatment ? Have you explored these options but feel it's not for you? Then why not consider a Mini Smile Makeover?

A Mini Smile Makeover can dramatically change the shape, colour and alignment of your natural teeth.

By using the latest in composite resin technology, we can bond composite veneers to your teeth without the need to remove any enamel.

Once you've whitened your teeth at home with our easy professional home whitening system we match the composite veneers to your new, brighter whiter teeth.

The composite veneers can be placed onto the teeth in one appointment so you'll leave the surgery with your new smile ready to go!
1) At your first visit, we can discuss your treatment needs. Emily can provide you with a "mock-up" so you can have an idea of what your new smile would be like. We will then begin the process of whitening your teeth using our home whitening system. The composite veneers are then colour matched to your new, brighter teeth.

2) If you're happy to go ahead, we will take some impressions for home tooth whitening.
3) You will return 1 week later to fit your whitening trays. We shall show you how to use the gel. This process usually takes between 21-28 days. Once you are happy with your whiter shade of teeth we go ahead and make an appointment to place your composite veneers. We then wait 1 week for the shade of your whitened teeth to stabilise.

4) The composite veneer placement appointment usually takes between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the number of teeth involved. Solutions are applied to the tooth surface to prepare them. Renamel composite is placed onto the teeth and light-cured to harden. The teeth are then shaped and polished.
5) We will see you a week or so later to do a final polish and make any adjustments if necessary. We will also take an impression of your teeth so we can make you a new whitening tray for future top-ups. We strongly recommended that you use this as a night-guard to give added protection to your new composite veneers.

Mini Smile Makeover Package is £999. This includes:

  • Professional Home tooth whitening system
  • 4 Composite veneers*
  • 1 Final whitening tray

*Additional composite veneers are between £200 and £250 each

If you would like to know more, please call 0121 475 3545 to book your consultation with Emily. There is a fee of £65 per consultation which is payable upon booking.