Health & hygiene

We look at mouths differently and want to encourage our patients to consider their life-long dental wellbeing by visiting us regularly and looking after their teeth properly between visits.

The excellent educational and clinical service provided by our dentists and hygienist prevents, manages and reduces dental disease, builds healthy teeth and gums, and focuses on health, function and appearance - in that order.

The health of your mouth provides an insight into your general health and wellbeing and at each visit our independent patients will experience our 16-point dental health check. Healthy mouths have less chance of developing gum disease and decay - meaning you spend less money on keeping them in the pink.

Since three out of four teeth are lost through gum disease, and recent studies show a strong relationship between gum disease and medical conditions such as strokes, heart disease, diabetes and premature and low birth-weight babies, it's clear why we put such emphasis on our health and hygiene services to deep clean your teeth and keep your gums healthy.

Joining our monthly dental plan is an ideal way to keep your mouth healthy and research shows that dental care plans are the single most effective way of maintaining good dental health. Please click here to find out more about the West Heath Dental Plan.

You can also have “Direct Access” to our hygiene services which means that you no longer need to be registered with the practice to book an appointment with Jeanette.

At your regular dental examination as part of our care plan you may have heard your Dental Care Professional mention a ‘BPE’.

This stands for Basic Periodontal Examination. An examination relating to your gums.

The BPE was devised by the British Society of Periodontology as a simple screening tool to indicate the patients gum health needs and provides guidance on any further treatment required.

Simply a ball ended probe is walked around your gum line and each section is given a code between 0 & 4.

The code then determines if any further investigation is required. Higher codes usually mean a more detailed examination is recommended.

Your Dental Care Professional will be happy to talk to you about your BPE and discuss ways in which the results can be improved.

Did you know that you can book an appointment with our dental hygienist for a session of oral hygiene advice, scaling &/or polishing?

Not just available for adults. Why not help your child on the path of developing good oral hygiene habits now for a healthier mouth for life? Orthodontic braces or crowded teeth make brushing difficult. Our hygienist can remove difficult deposits and teach your child how to clean around their braces/teeth.

Finished Orthodontic treatment? A scale & polish appointment can remove any stubborn stains/deposits collected during ortho treatment, remove any remaining cement & teach you how to look after your new smile!