BSC (Hons) 1998
Business Manager

My degree is in Speech and Language Pathology with Therapeutics and I initially worked as a paediatriac therapist within the NHS and the state educational system. I worked mainly in schools and health clinics and was involved in training those within the school system.

I then began my own independent practice in the same field of paediatrics. I was particularly interested in literacy difficulties and their relationship to speech and language difficulties. My independent practice gave me the freedom to manage my own caseload and business, allowing me to tailor all my therapy to the individual without the time constraints I had felt in my previous job.

I was then able to transfer these skills when Andrew and I were fortunate enough to become the new owners of West Heath Dental Practice in 2008. I greatly value both the history of this well-established practice and the loyalty of the patients and the staff.

As the business manager of West Heath Dental Practice my role is to ensure that we are always up to date with the latest developments within dentistry and that we continue to provide the excellent service that our patients have become accustomed to over the years.

When I am not at the practice our three children make sure that both Andrew and I are kept very busy with all their varying demands and when I can I very much enjoy running both on and off road, but recently the muddier the run the better!