Dear All,

We're sure you have all heard the great news that dental practices can start to re-open from the 8/6/20.

It is our aim to re-open on this day as long as we are satisfied that we can do so safely.

The dental profession found out the same time as you all, on Thursday night during the prime minister's daily briefing!

We have a very busy week ahead and are planning to have a phased return to work.

It is difficult to give timescales but the phases are as follows:

Phase 1 - emergency and urgent cases (from 8/6/20)

Phase 2 - completion of unfinished treatments (once all urgent and emergency care update)

Phase 3 - resumption on non-urgent and routine care. This will include routine hygiene care, facial aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry.

The way you access our services will have changed in order to keep you all safe. We will make you aware before your appointments. In due course this will be publicly available on our website as well.

We ask for your continued patience and loyalty whilst we resume our services in a safe way.

We are so looking forward to seeing you again,

Take care all,

Mirabel, Andrew and all the team at West Heath Dental Practice